We all love to be near nature. Many of us fortunate enough to have gardens, terraces or balconies can fulfill our wish of greenery but for those not so lucky make do with potted plants inside the house or window ledges.
However plants can not only satisfy your green thumb but can also be great functional & decorating accessories for the interiors.

Here’s how to create green d├ęcor:

1. Focal Point- Some plants look stunning when placed singly along a plain wall. Architectural species such as Dracena or a big blousy plant such as Alocasia Portadora or Spatiphylum with a spot light on them makes an unforgettable feature in the entrance hall or corridor.

2. Room divider- Plants can be an efficient room divider. Tall plants like Areca Palms & Tall Ficus can visually divide a living & dining room, without breaking the space into smaller areas. Etageres or open shelved high cabinets are another way to divide a room. Plants interspersed among the shelves and between other knickknacks provide an interlude between the areas to be divided.

3. Decorative Pieces- One well-used idea for decorating a living, dining or any other area is to place flowering plants like Orchids, Anthuriums, or African violets as table centerpieces on coffee tables, dining tables or to place cascading vines of Ivy Plant on fireplace mantles, stairs, top of a tall cabinet or dresser to be eye-catching decorations.

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